FMCSA Medical Exam 

1) Must bring ALL prescription medications to appointment, including PRN medication.

2) If patient has been diagnosed with Diabetes patient needs to bring most current A1c or their glucometer to show past blood sugars.

3) If patient uses CPAP or BiPAP at night patient needs to bring in data showing compliance.

The following are the most common reasons an examiner may deny a DOT approval:

1) Blood Pressure is not controlled. BP must be under 140/90.

2) Vision changes. Vision must be 20/40 or better.

3) Patients must be in compliance with Diabetes care.

4) The use of controlled/sedating agents such as narcotics, sleeping medication or anxiety medication.

If you have any questions regarding this information you are welcome to contact our local FMCSA at

(307) 772-2305

To review medical requirements before your appointment and ensure you are compliant with regulations please visit:

*The base cost for a DOT physical is $80.00. If additional tests/screenings are required to complete the exam, additional charges may apply.

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